Getcher Craftin’ On

Six weeks before my girl gets hitched! Today was her bridal shower. Baseball themed. Because of course it was!

I bought this, instead of the traditional guest book:


Fun. I’m not sure what she’ll do with it once she gets it home, but it was a great idea. Her friends are the MOST creative group of women. I’m so impressed with them.

Then, to go along with the baseball theme, I made these for dessert:

IMG_4825 IMG_4822

They all looked WAY better in my head than what the outcome was, but it was fun to do, so….

But to me, the piece de resistance was these delicious little morsels that one of her friends made:


Ho-Lee-Mackerel! The little ones with the pink frosting? They were FILLED! You could pop the whole thing in your mouth, bite down, and it would just burst with flavor. To Die For!

Ann kept wandering around, shaking her head, commenting on the wicked crafting skills. ‘Twas a great time! Great food. Great fun. Great company!

Six more weeks! I can barely believe it!

2 thoughts on “Getcher Craftin’ On

  1. I saw the catchers mitt on Instagram and thought it was so clever…even before I knew you made it! These next six weeks will zip by. Enjoy!

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