Throw Back Thursday – Jake

I hope you’ve had coffee already.

I’ve been going through this process of trying to get all my pictures scanned and saved into digital files. I think about all the pictures I have from when the kids were little and if anything ever happened to them I would have no replacements. It’s something that I’ve felt for a long time like I should do. But I’m lazy, so I’ve never gotten around to it.

Over the weekend Mark went up to our place off the grid and I didn’t feel like going. None of our group was going to be up there so I figured I’d stay home and get some odds and ends projects worked on. So I scanned a bunch of pictures. And holy hell, there was a flood of memories. Some good. Some bad. Some heartbreakingly sad. My emotions over the weekend have been all over the place.

So….Check this out:


How freaking adorable is that!? Jake was probably the most adorable puppy on the face of the earth! I brought him home from the breeder (yes, breeder…sue me) at six weeks. When he was about eight weeks old I had a float trip scheduled and didn’t want to leave him home or find someone to watch him so I took him with me.

Jake was always a nervous dog. Loud sounds startle him. Sudden movements freak him out. He’s just skittish. This totally goes against his breed standard and I blame myself. You see, during that float trip, the water in the river was very low and there were places where we would scrape bottom. If you’ve ever been in a metal canoe that’s scraping against rocks, you know that it makes a horrific noise. Poor Jake. He kept trembling in the bottom of the canoe. I would pick him up and snuggle him and that would really help. He calmed right down in my arms.

When we’d pull of the river for a break of any kind he would run and play, so happy to be out of the boat. In the woods. Out of the woods. Up and down the banks. Anywhere but in that blasted canoe.

Guess what we have in the woods in Missouri? Poison Ivy. Guess how poison ivy is transferred. Typically, it’s by coming into direct contact with the plant itself. However, there is an alternate method to getting poison ivy. It’s called snuggling a scared puppy who has been romping around all day in poison ivy. Guess who is severely allergic to poison ivy? That would be me. Wherever my bikini didn’t cover had poison ivy. This would be, oh…about 90% of my body.


If you have a week stomach, you might want to click away from the site because I’m about to post picture of ME, covered in poison ivy. It is not pretty. As a matter of fact, it is very disgusting and gross.


SCAN0068 SCAN0069 SCAN0070This was not one of my happier times of life.

Aren’t you glad you got to see that? Next time I put a Throw Back Thursday post up, you might involuntarily heave.


6 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday – Jake

  1. Woman, is there anything you won’t post?? You are almost unrecognizable! I had to ‘like’ this post because the puppy pictures just slayed me. Thank all that is good that you didn’t get the poison oak on your unmentionables!

  2. Oh, you poor thing! That looks like a case of poison ivy that only a steroid treatment would fix! The pups. Just. Too. Much.

    PS No breeder judging here. We’re shopping breeders right now for a new Lab. 🙂

    • It was definitely a fun time. I did have to do a steroidal treatment to get rid of it.

      No judgment on the breeders. Jake and Ellie both came from a breeder. People can hate us together. 🙂

      Yay for a new lab!! I can’t wait to see pics.

      • Add me to the hate group. I got three of the four dogs we’ve owned from a breeder.

        I know we should have gotten them all from a rescue organization or whatever. We had everybody spayed and neutered. That ought to count for something, anyway.

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