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Best Yet

There are days when I feel like this whole running thing is never going to get better. Other days I feel like I can conquer the world. My last run was a conquer the world type run. The weather was cool, especially for August. 80 degrees. A little muggy but it had been raining all day so that isn’t unusual. 80 degrees in August is very unusual!

My run was supposed to be a steady run. Forty minutes steady. I think for normal people, this probably means about 12.5 minute miles or faster. For me, it meant a 13 minute mile. That was my best average time on a run for a very long time.

I feel very grateful to have some amazing places to run. Since this was supposed to be a steady run, I opted for the Katy Trail since it’s nice and flat and is perfect for a straight cardio outing.


I had to take a few walk breaks throughout the course of the 40 minute run, but it didn’t get me down like it normally does when I have to stop and walk. That’s a long time to run. Most of my runs have been in the 30 minute range and that extra 10 minutes was rough.

I know I’m all over the place emotionally with the whole running thing. It’s nice to finish a run on an upswing. I’m going to enjoy this feeling, because I know I could totally be cursing my next run.


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