Pick Me Up

Do you ever have one of those runs where it just doesn’t matter what you do, you feel like you can go one step further? You suck? You will never be a real runner?

Tonight was one of those runs. It wasn’t too hot out, but it was really muggy and that just exhausts me. It gets under my skin and I hate it.

I started off my run a little pissy because my RunKeeper app was being moronic. I mean really, aside from the Flash, who runs 688 miles per hour? Well, according to my RunKeeper THIS girl does! To which I let out a mighty snort and a “HAH!”

So, it was a less than stellar run. I walked nearly as much as I ran.

I was heading down a short hill and was focused on the hill that I would soon have to go up. I knew I could never make it up that hill. It was just one of those runs, ya know. That hill was bound to defeat me. As I was nearing the uphill part, a car pulled into the driveway of one of the homes. Out of the car stepped a woman and she waved at me and began clapping and hollered, “You can do it?” I gave her a big smile and a thumbs up, and stupidly enough, about started to cry. But I ran up the hill. It was an unexpected pick me up right when I needed it.

Encouragement from a random stranger.

I spent the rest of my run wonder about the random stranger and what it was that had happened in her life that made her be so encouraging. It was a nice distraction and made the rest of my run not as horrible as the first part of my run.

At least it was a nice sunset, even though it was a bit muggy.

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