Time Passages

As I was in the throes of raising children, I couldn't imagine ever wanting to be a grandma. As my kids left home, none of them seemed to be in a rush to have kids any time soon and I was totally OK with that. All that changed with the birth of my grandson. And … Continue reading Time Passages

Pinning For You

No, I'm not Pining for you. I'm pinning for you. I've become obsessed with Pinterest and learned something that I wanted to show you. Especially if you have long-ish hair and can't be bothered to ever do anything with it besides pull it up into a clippy, a bun, or a pony tail. I'm the … Continue reading Pinning For You

Wow, Baby

Running is hard! I think I've mentioned that before. Running is especially hard when it is humid out. 74% humidity is damned near impossible to run in. For me, anyway. There are much tougher women out there who will be trekking along like it's no big thing in this type of humidity. I am not … Continue reading Wow, Baby