All The Voices




My run was two hours ago. The screen shot from my weather bug was right now. The temps have dropped a little since then. To put it mildly, it was a hot, sweaty run!

So, my run. I have had a little a bit of an issue! My RunKeeper is making me insane. I have signed up for a training program and then dropped the program then signed up for another program and then dropped the program. I’m pretty sure there was more user error involved in my frustration than technical error, but I was having a hard time getting my tasks each day completed. Now, I will admit that I’ve adjusted what the training program says because of my volleyball schedule, but I could NOT figure out how to get my workouts to show “complete” within the app. I was so frustrated after Saturday’s run because I couldn’t get the task completed so I just “abandoned” the whole training program!

Today I pulled up my workout schedule to see what was on tab and it said I had a 3:3. Well. What on earth does that mean? Before I deleted the program I would just click on the day and it would tell me what it meant. So now I had this nicely laid out plan, but no way to know what each running task meant. Son of a bitch! So I had to go reinstate the plan. The problem? I couldn’t reinstate it at the same  place where I had canceled it so the workout that I needed to do wasn’t on today’s schedule, but on the schedule for next Monday. Grrr.

BUT. I found out what 3:3 meant, which is what the goal was. I turned on my voice prompts to set up “announcements.” 3:3 means that after a five minute warm up I would do three minutes at a steady pace and three minutes at a fast pace. So I set up my voice prompts to let me alert me every three minutes and then a prompt to alert me as to what my pace was. Sounds simple right? Yeh. OK. Whatever.

The plan was to warm up for six minutes instead of five then change my intervals every three minutes. It was a good plan.

I drove down to my running trail and went to turn on my RunKeeper. I’m not sure why I never noticed before, but there on the start screen is a box that says “Workout.” I pressed it and there was my training plan. It said to select the workout so I pressed the button and it opened up every single workout. It didn’t matter that I picked a routine that was supposed to be for next Monday (because of the whole adding and deleting training plans). I press the button and immediately in my earbud it says “Begin workout.”

My first thought was OH YAY! My second thought was OH SHIT! I had voice prompts turned on, not realizing that there was a way for the app to actually prompt me. Hell, I hadn’t even realized I could get to my workout plan during my workout. During my five minute walk I was playing around with the app trying to figure out how to turn off the voice prompts mid-workout. FIVE MINUTES and I couldn’t figure out how to turn the voice prompts off without closing down the workout and starting over again. Boo.

At five minutes I get a ding in my ear “Interval. Run fast.” Kind of laughable to begin with, but I began running at a pace faster than I what I normally do.

Then I get a ding and hear “Six minutes. Pace 9.99 miles per hour.”

Two minutes later – DING. “Interval. Run steady.”

One minute later – DING. “Nine minutes. Pace 5.54 miles per hour.”

Two minutes later – DING. Interval. Run fast.”

You get the idea! This continued on for THIRTY FIVE MINUTES!!!! I just wanted it to stop! I’m glad to know that I can go find my workout and it will tell me what to do so I don’t have to keep track on my own. And now I’m really glad to know that I can shut off my voice prompts that I set today to help me keep track of the intervals. I can’t handle all the voices in my head while I’m running.

I made it! I didn’t die. I’m slightly crazier than I was when I started. But I completed my workout. It’s a better average pace than I’ve ever really trained at before.


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