You Silly Thing

Oh Pintrest! You are so silly.

I was looking for something to take to a party where I signed up to bring dessert. So I pinned this:


Then I was flippity dippin’ through my pintrest feed to see what the people I follow were pinning. And I saw this. It looked interesting.


Then this happened. Because…of course it did.


If you were to follow my board you would think I was insane or something. Hair. Health food. Dessert. Delicious drinks. Cabins. Workout plans. Photography. All in no particular order. All are things of interest to me. I like to say that I’m well rounded, not crazy. That’s what we’ll go with.

So. I now you’re DYING to know if I made the cake for the party that I was going to attend. Well, of course, I did! Who pins stuff and then never looks at it again? (/sarcasmfont)

It starts off like this:


Don’t freak out. I didn’t use that whole tub of sour cream! That would be crazy. I did the cake mix, the pudding (the small box), the eggs, 2 cups of sour cream, 1/3 cup of oil, 1/2 cup of water. Whiz-bang it through the Kitchen Aid for a couple of minutes. Obviously, you’ll need to stop in the middle of the whiz-bang to scrape down the sides. (I guess I assume that’s obvious because I think everyone knows how to make a cake.) Hmm. Anyway. While the batter is mixing, grease and flour the pan. You all know by now that I’m lazy, and baking cakes is no different. I normally spray my pans with Pam, but when I use my bundt pan, it just works better if I grease and flour the pan like you’re supposed to do with cakes. So…this morning I wasn’t lazy. Score!

20140719_081931 20140719_082034 20140719_082100


After the batter is done…OMG, YUM!


Fold in chocolate chips. I used milk chocolate for the cake and will use semi-sweet for the ganache.



Then pour it into the cake pan. It will bake at 350* for 50 minutes. It took 55 in my oven, so you’ll have to know how your oven bakes.



Let the pan rest for 10-15 minutes after it’s done baking before you try to take it out of the pan. If you wait much longer than that, the grease that you greased the pan with will start cooling and your cake will stick.


And now for the best part! The ganache!

Ganache, my friends, is ambrosia from the gods. The old gods and the new! It is an “other-wordly” delight. I don’t make it like the recipe says (shocking). So here’s what I do:

Put one cup of heavy cream in a saucepan over medium heat and stir it continually. Or get one of these:


“As seen on TV,” this handy dandy little whisk/stirrer/vibrator (NO, not that kind of vibrator) lets me remain hands free while I get everything else ready.

20140719_115329One bag of chocolate chips. I used semi-sweet, but you can use milk chocolate if that’s your preference. What’s that in the background, you ask? Why, that’s Rum Chata. And yes. It does indeed go into the ganache. I’m not sure why my brain equates ganache with booze because I know in the actual baking world they are not bosom buddies. But I always put a shot of something in the ganache when I make it. Rum Chata. Jameson Whiskey. Bailey’s. It all depends on what I’m pairing it with. I thought today’s cake called for Rum Chata.


After the cream is heated (hot, but not quite boiling) I pour it over the chocolate chips and with the wooden spoon I give it a quick stir to make sure that the chips are completely covered. Then I let it sit for about five minutes while the chips melt.


Then I pull out my wire whisk and begin mixing it. It takes a little care at this point because the chips are thicker than the cream and you can really make a sloshy mess. When it’s mostly mixed I add a single shot of the Rum Chata.


Then I finish mixing it up until it’s very well blended and creamy. Before I spoon it over the cake I put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes, whisking it every five.

20140719_120106Then….you know what’s coming next! With a large spoon, drizzle it over the cake. When you think of drizzling, you probably think of really thin lines of ganache. When I say drizzle, I mean this:

20140719_121615The amount of ganache that I made is just a little bit too much for the cake. It would be oozing all over the place if I dumped the whole batch over it. So, what should we do with the leftovers? Hmmmmm. Oh, I know!

20140719_121931Holy hell, you guys!! Best thing ever!!! You know how when you buy those chocolate covered strawberries and the chocolate is so thick and crunchy and difficult to eat? Well, this is NOT like that! You just dip the berry in it, and eat it. Totally melts in your mouth!

I feel happy! All because of a silly little thing called Pintrest!


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