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Sad Face

Remember when I talked about my training plan? Remember how it’s going to help me with my 10K in October? Remember how it is so nice that RunKeeper can put together a plan for me? Remember that I adjusted the RunKeeper plan to fit in with my volleyball schedule? Remember about the best laid plans of mice and men?

So…I went to RunKeeper to complete my run last Sunday. My first “official” run of the RK training program. Easy peasy.

Then I went in last night to complete my run from Monday. You know…the run that was supposed to be on Tuesday according to RK, but that I scheduled on Monday in order for it to not conflict with volleyball. Here’s what happened:


I GOT A SAD FACE!!!! It said it couldn’t find a workout that corresponded with the scheduled training. It wouldn’t let me select a run from a different date! My RunKeeper is SHAMING me! Trying to make it look like I’m not doing my part. What the hell, RunKeeper! What. The. Hell!

There is something satisfying to me about clicking a link, completing a task, and seeing the little green box light up. It is somehow not the same to just X over a square on a piece of paper.

I might have a screw loose!


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