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Saying goodbye is never easy. It has been almost two months since I lost my friend to cancer. There have been a lot of tears shed amongst my little group over this death. But there has been a lot of healing, as well.

This weekend, friends of Big Dan gathered together to celebrate his life. It was a happy occasion. When I think of Dan’s friends, I think of my little group of people off the grid. What I found this weekend was something so much bigger. Hundreds of people. HUNDREDS gathered together to heal, hug, and celebrate the life of a wonderful man. The presence of so many people spoke volumes as to the type of person he was. How loved he was. The toasts that were given and the stories that were told left all of us in tears. But this time they were happy tears. The laughter that accompanied the tears healed my heart like nothing else could have.

The hole that he left in our little group will always be palpable. But his memories will always bring a smile to my face. Rest in peace, my friend. You will be missed.


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