For The Birds

So, this FB conversation happened:

Me – Original post: I think something’s wrong with her. I’m two feet away and she doesn’t try to leave. On the other side of the fence is a nest in the bridge and she is just watching it. It’s like she doesn’t know how to get to the other side of the fence. (These are different pics than I used on FB because these are the ones from my camera not my phone.)



Person 1: That is sad.

Person 2: What’s wrong with her is that pigeons are awful and disgusting and really, really stupid.

Me: But some people are awful and disgusting and stupid and I feel sad for them, too.

Person 2:  I mostly feel sad for the people who have to be around them. I feel equally sad for people who have to be around pigeons.

Me (secondary post): See? It’s bizarre. I don’t want to chuck her over the fence. What if she can’t fly and I send her to her death in the river below? Poor bird. Why am I worried? (freak alert)


Me (from 1st post) [try to keep up]: Oh crap! She was trying and trying to get under the fence so I picked her up and dropped her down the other side and she flew just enough to land ON THE FREEWAY!!!!!!! She’s just on the other side of the cement barrier where semis are speeding past!!!!!!!! Crap crap crap!


Person 1: No good deed goes unpunished,Cristy , but presumably she can fly.


Me (post #3): SHE’S ALIVE! I DIDN’T KILL HER!!!!!!


Oh my god, you guys! It was the saddest thing ever! This bird kept looking down over the edge. It is a LONG way down to the river below. The river that is close to flood stage. There is a beam from the bridge below the walking path where a lot of pigeons nest. It was like she kept looking over the ledge to see where her nest was. Every now and again I swear I heard baby cheeps, but I’m sure it was my imagination because the bridge that goes over the river is attached to the side of the Highway that goes over the river, so it is NOISY! But still. I’m sure she had babies.

When a semi would go by she would freak out and duck in here:


She would press her body as close to the inside of the “cave” as she could. When I left (probably an hour and a half after I first noticed her) she was STILL standing on the ledge looking down at the beams and/or river below.

Pigeons are pretty dumb.



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