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A Storm Blew Through It

So we had a little storm last night.

storm1 storm2 storm3 storm4 storm5 storm6

This is my friend’s neighborhood…he sent me pics this morning. Six telephone poles….snapped! Like matches.

In other news: Work has been psychotic today (I work in TeleCom)!


2 thoughts on “A Storm Blew Through It”

  1. Yikes! Looks like it was a doozie! Was it a tornado or just really strong winds? Did you lose power? Glad you’re all ok!

    1. The town just to the north of me was hit pretty hard. That’s where my friend lives. They’ve been out of power for quite a bit. It wasn’t a tornado, just really strong winds. Jake was pacing last night so I got up to sit with him and just watched the storm rage outside my living room window. I have a gigantic oak tree in my front yard and the lowest branches sit about 20 feet off the ground. The branches were bending so much they were nearly touching the ground. It was pretty wild to watch Mother Nature do her thing. Jake wasn’t as intrigued as I was. 😀

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