HEY, Grandma!

Last night Michelle, Melissa, Mara, and I were having dinner out. Laughing. Chatting. Enjoying each other’s company. Mara was cracking us up. She would put a piece of broccoli in her mouth, suck the butter off it, then spit the broccoli out. When I’m out to dinner my phone stays in my purse. I could go on and rant about how constantly being on one’s phone while out socializing with PEOPLE is a huge pet peeve of mine, but I’ll spare you that particular insanity. With the silly grandbaby, though, it was my obligation(!!!) to take pictures. So I grabbed my phone, swiped it unlocked, and before I even had time to press my picture button I saw the first few lines of a recent text message.

I’m not much for a poker face and Melissa and Michelle instantly went, “WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?”  So I opened up the message and read:



I had sent Jackie a text the day before to see how she was feeling because she was overdue. She said she had a non-stress test and fluid check yesterday and if everything looked good they’d induce on Monday. She said she’d let me know. All day at work yesterday I’m all, “C’mon, Jackie! Give me a call!” I really wanted to know how the non-stress test went. Jackie is my non-communicative one so not hearing from her about every little thing in her life isn’t uncommon at all. But I was chomping at the bit when I hadn’t heard the results from the test.

So, now I have a new granddaughter and I’m tickled pink. I’m waiting (notso)patiently for her to call me and tell me all about it. I’m not holding my breath for pictures because she doesn’t text and her phone won’t allow mms of any sort, so I guess I’ll have to wait for an email or facebook update or something.


Also…Happy Independence Day to all my US friends.



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