Mind = Blown

Yeh, so yesterday, huh?

I broke my cardinal rule and had a political discussion on Facebook. It ended civilly.

Then I broke my other cardinal rule and commented on somebody else’s post on Facebook. Civility was not part of the equation. A friend of mine who used to live across the street from me when we were teenagers posted about the horrific SCROTUM ruling. There were a lot of comments from – well, asswipes – who were disputing her very well thought out post.

The night wore on and there was this:




Do you hear what I am telling you????

There are women who think this kind of attitude is OK! Can I just throw out a big ol’ WHAT THE EVER LOVIN’ FUCK!?

So I responded:



Ignore the part regarding the idiot Todd Akin and his “legitimate rape.” It was mentioned in a previous comment.

Show of hands: Who still believes that there is not a war on women?

And now, I’ve broken another cardinal rule. “Thou shalt not post about politics on your little bliggity blog.”

Rule = Broken!

3 thoughts on “Mind = Blown

  1. It doesn’t matter how many times we say “the pill isn’t just for preventing pregnancy.” That’s all those assholes want to tout around, because they’re not interested in what the pill is used for – they’re interested in making women who have sex out to be sluts. That’s all there is to it.

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