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Training Day

You guys! My workouts have been… non-existent, to say the least! I have been so pre-occupied with wedding and baby and life in general that (as usual) my workout AND EATING HABITS have flown the fucking coop! And I have a RACE in October and I may or may not be freaking out at the thought of it because my foot isn’t 100% yet and I haven’t run for a long time and I have to run six miles and some of you are scoffing at a “mere six miles” but I am losing my mind at the thought of running that far.


When my family was here for the wedding a group of them were helping set up the venue the day before. My younger sister (who does triathlons) was saying that she went for an easy run. You know. Just six miles. I looked at her and said, “I have a 10K in October and I have my training program set so that I can start TRAINING to run ‘just six miles.'” It’s all relative, folks.

Technically, my training was supposed to start last Wednesday. But…GRANDBABY! She distracts me. So….my training officially begins today! TODAY! After work. Come hell or high water. Or fucking ridiculous temperatures. I will run after work! I bought a jogging stroller to keep at my house for those times when the grandbabies come visit and the parents don’t want to lug their cumbersome strollers across the world. So I’ll load up my grandbaby and go for a run. Just 30 minutes. But we’ll go have some grandma/grandbaby time and my training will begin.

I normally do my training schedules a month at a time, but with my race schedule (thank you, RunKeeper) I went ahead and worked my workout schedule in with my race training schedule. Color coordinated and everything. Because why not?

schedule – july through sept

I’ve even figured in events associated with the Purple Wedding! Time to kick my ass into gear! Yell at me if I’m not telling you about my workouts.


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