The day is practically here! It’s nearly midnight and I just finished the final four bridesmaids bouquets. They had to wait until the last minute because we used fresh flowers. But they’re done.

I finished the bustle on the wedding dress about an hour ago.

I finished the bride’s bouquet right after I finished the bustle.

I’m more exhausted than I recall being in a very long time.

Everything is beautiful, though. Tomorrow will start at 7am when I have to get up and get out the door for an 8am hair appointment. With eight hair dos to do, we’re hoping to be out of the salon by noon. Then it’s lunch with the bridal party. Then the girls will begin getting ready, and the boys will begin getting their pictures taken.

Wedding at 3.

Dinner at 5.

Reception at 7.

If I’m doing my math right, it means that at this time tomorrow I just might be able to crash!

Wine. Bed. Wish me luck!


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