Lost In The 80s

This will be one of the more embarrassing things I ever post on my blog. Consider yourself warned. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ve already seen it so you’re a step up!

One of my friends is turning 50 so her daughter threw a surprise birthday party for her. 80s themed. For goodness’ sake, I don’t remember the 80s! I was either pregnant or nursing for the full decade and was completely out of touch with anything fashion related. Naturally, I turned to my on-line community for help and was inundated with links for ideas. The internet does not disappoint, folks! It does not!



Yes, that’s a duck face. That thing that I swore I would never do. But when you look this ridiculous, a duck face is called for.



I did not do “ridiculous” alone. Mark joined right in with me. Be honest. When have you ever seen such a charming couple?


Pulling the pony tail out was tricky. There was So. Much. Hairspray! I could barely get the pony tail holder out.

Clearly, I have no shame! But… it was a good time.

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