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Lists On Top Of Lists

When Michelle got engaged we didn’t know about The Knot. I wish we had because it seems like it would have made things a whole lot easier. I’m pretty laid back about things and am of the opinion that the important part (the I Do s) are going to happen no matter what, so why get worked up over the ticky tack things? So I don’t. I know what’s done:

  • Venue booked
  • Caterer booked
  • Photographer booked
  • Hair booked
  • Wedding Dress purchased and hanging up in the guest room
  • Bride’s shoes are here
  • Invitations sent out
  • Table decorations figured out
  • Bridesmaids dresses are here
  • Bouquet mostly done
  • Cake picked out
  • Booze and soda in the process of being purchased (every time there’s a sale)
  • My dress purchased
  • Mark’s suit purchased

And I know what has left to be done:

  • Finishing touches to be done on the bouquet
  • Fresh flowers to be purchased for the bridal party
  • Bouquet to toss to be purchased
  • Garter to be located and purchased
  • Ribbon to be put onto bridal bouquet
  • Labels to be made for the center pieces
  • Table cloths to be picked up
  • Meet with photographer to go over hit list (happening on Sunday)
  • Meet with hair person to go over what the bride wants for the bridal party
  • Purchase the cake mixes and all the frosting ingredients (my sister is making the cake)

You get the idea. Lots left to do, but it is under control.

Until we got a call from the venue. And by “we” I mean “mother of the groom” since she’s the one who booked the venue. A year after signing the contract for the use of the venue, the manager calls and says there is another contract to sign. AND there are “tickets” that we’re supposed to put into the invitations. You know. The invitations that went out a month ago. AND she said we need to have someone standing at the bottom of the hill to collect the tickets as the vehicles arrive.

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me!?

The mother of the groom has been a nervous nellie through this whole process. Many, many texts have gone between us. I finally had to tell her to relax. The wedding was going to happen. There were bound to be glitches. There always are. But none of that is worth working yourself into a frenzy. So she calmed down. We had a nice time at Michelle’s bachelorette party last weekend. She went through her list as we drove two hours to and from the party. She went through the lists that were on top of her lists after that. She seemed content that everything was, indeed, under control just as I’ve been telling her it is.

And then the call from the venue. I’m afraid that is going to put her over the edge.

I will tell you right now, I will not be requiring the guests of this wedding to present a ticket in order to gain entry. I will not be requiring some poor schmuck to stand at the bottom of the hill to make sure the boogie man doesn’t sneak in.  And I certainly will not be signing another contract! And neither will the mother of the groom. I’m not stressed about the wedding, but I will certainly be glad when it’s over.


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