I Ran

It’s been just over a month since I last ran. I still have three weeks before I plan on starting up my running regimen again, but today is National Running Day. How could I not go out for a run? It was short. It was slow. But it was awesome! I’m so ready to get back into it. Ready to run, Baby. 20140604_171412 I was going to tell you that this…. 20140604_175342 is my running face, but then I looked at the first picture and it’s the same face. Hmmm. Bitchy resting face, I guess. So…after a month off of running and then going on a short run today, my foot feels… good? ish? I did half hour of yoga before my run (class 1 in the link, essential yoga for runners). Then I did half hour of yoga when I got home (class 4, recovery). I have my foot on ice right now. It doesn’t hurt when I walk barefoot anymore, which is an improvement, so the ice is merely a precaution. I ran. And that makes me happy!

5 thoughts on “I Ran

  1. You are so pretty?! Honestly. You may consider it BRF…but those cheekbones! ::swoon::

    Also, I’m so inspired by you. I’m a two trick pony: spin and run. If you’re not playing volleyball, you’re doing yoga both before AND after a run.

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    • I think somebody has a crush on me. 🙂

      I just get bored easily. Also..with my plantar fascia issues I MUST do yoga before and after or it will never get better. I’m old, remember?? LOL

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