Home and Food and Gardening oh my

From Snow To Food

I spent hours working in my garden last night. There is something about seeing things grow practically before your eyes that is amazing!

Last year I had a pretty rough year with my garden. There were a lot of factors. Ellie was so sick and I knew she was not going to be around very much longer and I spent most of my days helping her up and down the stairs, out to pee, from lying to sitting to standing. I didn’t have much left in me to sweat in my garden. In hindsight, it probably would have been therapeutic to go out there and watch things grow instead of being so consumed with knowing that death was coming. But hindsight is called hindsight for a reason.

I have spent hours upon hours in my garden this spring trying to get it recuperated from the overwhelming neglect of last summer. To see it flourish is very rewarding. I posted this picture on facebook last night:


One of my friends commented that we sure go from snow to food pretty fast. It made me laugh because it has been a helluva long winter! Looking at my garden helps me forget how miserably cold the winter was. I am looking forward to the food that my garden will produce this year. I can feel it in my bones that it’s going to be a great harvest!


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