Photography, Random Thoughts


I’ve always loved clouds. There’s a large window in front of my desk at work and as I see the clouds, I contemplate whether it’ll be a good sunset or a mediocre sunset. As I left work last night I knew it would be a great sunset. And I was right. However, I had gone on a 13.5 mile bike ride after work and although I had every good intention of grabbing my camera and heading back out around sunset time, I didn’t make it because I was pooped. I did manage to snap a few shots during my bike ride. So, while it’s not my beloved sunset, it is the making of what turned out to be a really beautiful sunset. And I’m kicking myself for not going out to shoot the sunset. Oh well. I’m sure last night wasn’t the last decent sunset I’ll ever see.

1401406800092 1401404125769 1401404087177 1401404074207 1401404063072

If nothing else, it was a gorgeous afternoon for a bike ride.


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