All You Need To Know About…

Riding the Katy Trail!

So I’ve learned a few things about myself as I ride the trail by alone.

  • I always spit to the south. I do not know why. On the way out as I’d get bugs or dust or whatever other unpleasant gunk in my throat I would turn my head to the left and spit. I noticed this and tried turning my head to the right and it just felt… awkward. As I was riding back towards the parking lot and took a drink of water, accidentally got a lemon seed in my mouth from the lemon wedge that I had in the water, and turned to spit it out…to the right (south). I burst out laughing. Why was it suddenly not awkward to turn my head to the right to spit. Every time on the way back I spit to the south and turning my head to the left (north) felt awkward. I do not know why. All I know is that if you ever ride bikes with me, consider yourself warned!
  • I swallow a bug approximately three times per mile. I don’t enjoy eating bugs, but it is nature of riding the trail in the evening. Sometimes it feels like they grab onto the hangy down ball at the back of my throat for all they’re worth. No amount of water or hacking will release them. MmmmMmmm protein!
  • If I pass a lone guy on my way out, I’m certain that he’s going to be waiting for me to return so he can kill me. I have no idea why that thought always enters my mind because I’m not a paranoid person by nature. On last night’s ride the guy that I was certain was going to kill me on my way back was sitting on a bench along the river! Just sitting there. Not on his bike. Not having a water break. Just sitting. I will admit that my mind immediately went to “did I tell Mark I loved him before I left home?” Stupid.
  • Possibly because of the above item, I am constantly planning escape routes/methods. I know which roads will veer off the trail and put me onto a main road pretty quickly. I’m pretty sure a stick through the front tire spokes would stop a biker in a hurry. You know…perfectly rational things.
  • I sing. Not to myself. Not in my head. Right out loud. I don’t care who listens to me. I don’t care if I’m off key. I don’t care if I don’t know all the words. There is something therapeutic about singing and riding a bike. (crazy lady)
  • No matter which direction I ride, it will always be into a headwind. This is my curse on the trail.

So, why do I ride when clearly all these things are not what one would consider relaxing or comfortable? Because this:


Best view for burning 1006 calories!

2 thoughts on “All You Need To Know About…

  1. I think about Stranger Danger all the time in situations like that! I can’t tell if I’m being paranoid or smart.

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