Being Helpful

In my quest for fitness I have tried various different things, trying desperately to find that one thing that works. It’s an ever changing routine. This will work for a time but then stops. That will work really well but then stops. I seem to hit plateaus easily so am always thinking of small changes that I can make to my meal planning.

The latest change is tuna. I love tuna. I eat tuna sandwiches fairly regularly. BUT…do you know how much sugar two slices of bread has in it?? Even the “good for you” whole grain bread? A lot. A LOT! I’ve tried the 100 calorie sandwich thins before and they’re alright, but I really do prefer to not eat my tuna on cardboard. So I began doing this:


And I like it!

Cut a pepper in half and remove the seeds. Fill with tuna (however you like to make it) and enjoy. My personal preference is zucchini relish (home grown and home canned) and just enough olive oil mayo to help it stick together – less than a tablespoon. Try it. You’ll like it!

Or.  If you don’t like tuna. I’m really sorry you had to see this!


This week’s menu…if you’re curious.

2 thoughts on “Being Helpful

    • I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. Sometimes I put a half piece of sliced cheese in the pepper before I add the tuna.

      You’re welcome! 😉

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