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How Does Your Garden Grow

As I sit here at the end of a long day, I can barely move! It was my first free(ish) weekend and I had to get my garden in. With Ellie being so sick last summer, my garden kind of went all to hell. By the time I said goodbye to her (Nov 25) it was too cold out for me to get out there and try to recover it and winterize it. So going out today was a bit overwhelming.

20140503_112102-1[1]Last week I bought an Earthquake in preparation for getting into my garden and I was super excited to try it out. Now, this is not a sponsored post, but I gotta tell you. That was a handy dandy little machine! It made digging each bed under into a five minute task instead of 45 minutes if I have to use a shovel.

I had gone through four beds and ran out of gas (I had used it off the grid the week before so don’t worry about it being a gas hog…it’s not). I called Mark to make sure that I was grabbing the right gas can so I wouldn’t ruin the engine but he didn’t answer, so I left a message and headed to Lowes to get plants while I waited for him to call back.

Mark confirmed the type of gas I needed to put in the thing and I was back on track. I filled the gas container, started the tiller back up, got one more bed done and the thing died. D – I – E – D! I couldn’t get it started to save my life. Instead of allowing myself to get over the top frustrated I decided to get the beds planted that were ready and then give it another try. Four tomato plants, four hot peppers, two cucumbers. Planted. The four tomatoes that I still had to plant were in dry pots so I really needed to get them into the ground, and it just so happened that the bed they were going into was one of the beds that I had not tilled under yet. Naturally!

I got the bed planted that I could then tried starting the tiller again. Nothing. So I watered the beds I had just planted and was resigning myself to possibly having to dig under the big tomato bed. I just couldn’t bring myself to do that, though, so I went to work trying to get the machine started. Open the choke. Close the choke. Prime the gas. Turn it off. Turn it one. Pulling the cord multiple times between each adjustment. My arm was getting so tired from pulling the damned cord. I tried pulling it with my left hand, but I’m woefully uncoordinated with my left hand. So I went back to yanking that damned pull cord and making adjustments. At one point the cord slipped out of my hand and cranked my thumb…broke the skin open. Ugh! FINALLY, I got it to start!

I got the next two beds done before calling it quits. By this time it was closing in on 3:30pm and I’d been at it since 9:30 and I was wiped! I have two more small beds to do (my bean beds) and one more big bed (my blackberry bed, which is HORRIBLY overgrown with weeds right now). Then I have my oversized bed to do. I’m hoping to get the bean bed and the oversized bed done tomorrow. We shall see, because right now every muscle in my body is screaming!

Tomatoes and peppers
Tomatoes and peppers in the big bed
Tomatoes and peppers in the two small beds, with cucumbers in the very last bed.
Tomatoes and peppers in the two small beds, with cucumbers in the very last bed.

Pretty sure it’s time for wine now!


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