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Falling Apart

Pardon me a moment while I become one of those old ladies who complains about all their aches and pains!

  • Right shoulder – pops when I move it. I can lift weight raising my arms forward, but when I raise my arms laterally…holy shit, I die!
  • Left shoulder – no popping, but stiff after every volleyball game.
  • Left foot – well, you’ve all heard the whining I’ve done about the problem with my left foot. It’s getting better, but is not all the way there.
  • Left hip – stiff and sore all the time. I really need to bite the bullet and get a damned foam roller. Why have I not done this yet?
  • Left hamstring – it will come as no surprise to you that I have an uber tight hamstring on my left leg. I believe this is where all the other left leg/foot/hip issues stem from. I really need to be focusing on my yoga after my runs. And a foam roller. Grr.
  • Hemorrhoids – DUDE, they are flaring up. I’m sure you’re glad to know that.
  • Right foot – What?? You didn’t know there was a right foot issue, did you? Well, there is. It’s called a seed tick. And I pulled it out from between my 2nd and 3rd toe. And it itches like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. When I went to get into the shower today there was a big, festering, pus-filled blister type thing. I did NOT take a picture of it. You’re welcome! I popped the blister and the drainage was fierce. I opened up the bottle of rubbing alcohol and poured it over the crack between my toes. Can I just say, “OWWWWWY!!!!” After my shower I slathered it with Neosporin, put a gauze pad over it, taped my two toes together to keep the gauze in place, and put socks and shoes on! That is the most offensive part of all. I am wearing SHOES! And I had previously vowed to not put on anything but sandals until November (except when I run). I’m highly irritated by this.

Is that enough whining for one day? Perhaps I should give you some positive things.

  • I posted a picture of my blood moon to the facebook page of the Digital Photography School and someone asked me what settings I used on my camera to capture it because they were unable to get a good picture of the full eclipse. I think that makes me famous, right?
  • I have really awesome hair!

And there ya have it! The ramblings of an old lady!!

3 thoughts on “Falling Apart”

  1. But look at all the physical things you do–you’re a trooper! Now I need to google foam roller. Also, my knees sound like crackling rice krispies when I walk up or down stairs. Gah.

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