Last weekend we had a GREAT time! We played. We ate. We drank. We were WARM! It was nearly 80 degrees.

It snowed today.


Yep. Snow.

More snow tonight (nothing that’ll stick). Sunny and cold tomorrow. Partly cloudy and windy on Wednesday. All the way cloudy but warming up on Thursday. Rainy on Friday. Partly sunny on Saturday but no rain. Hopefully no rain, anyway. Because I have a race on Saturday.


A color race. Can you imagine how messy that could get it it was raining? It’s supposed to be mid-60s. So it’ll be quite cool in the morning, but should be a nice day. I’m looking forward to it. It’s my first color run. I hope it’s fun. I’m not nervous for the race, but I’ve never done one where there wasn’t a cheering section, so to speak. Just me, myself, and I. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyone done a color run before? I’m really not sure what to expect.