Home, Sweet Home

Life changes in an instant. One moment you’re happily empty nesting it, and the next minute a friend is in need.

Sunday night Mark got a phone call from a friend. I was only hearing one side of the conversation, and that side kept saying, “Are you drunk? Have you been drinking? Are you alright? Don’t do anything stupid.”

D’s wife announced on Sunday that she’d been having an affair and that she wanted him out of the house. It took him completely by surprise and whether he was upset, hurt, pissed, or whatever, he dealt with it by getting plowed. And then drunk dialing Mark. He kept asking Mark, “What am I going to do?” Mark suggested he go get a hotel room. The conversation went on and on before Mark was able to get off the call. We both just looked at each other.

I asked Mark what D was going to do. He just shrugged.

That was Sunday. This is Wednesday.

I was in the middle of a conversation with one of my techs at work when my phone rang. It was Mark’s work number. I answered the phone and he goes, “Hey…..” The tone of his voice was serious and my first thought was that something had happened to Jenna. He said, “Would you have a problem if D lived in our basement for awhile?” He had spent Sunday and Monday night sleeping in his vehicle. Tuesday night he got a hotel room just so he could get a shower. But he didn’t know what he was going to do.

My mind immediately went back to the day that I told my ex husband that I’d had an affair and I wanted a divorce. Only I didn’t throw him out. I left. And even though he wanted a divorce as much as I did, I know it hurt him when I said those words. And now I’m doing my penance for the hurt that I caused someone else all those years ago.

My basement is the animals’ domain. Since the kids aren’t home anymore we rarely go down there. It’s pretty much just a way to get from the house to the hot tub. And it was a disgusting mess! Animal hair and dust. That’s pretty much all that was down there. No clutter. Just lots of dust. I had an early volleyball game so I knew I’d have less than an hour to make it presentable for company. But I am the queen of getting shit done!

  • Vacuumed the tile
  • Vacuumed area rug
  • Vacuumed the FURNITURE
  • Spot cleaned the couch (Jake likes to lounge on the couch and he’s a dirty dog)
  • Dusted ALL THE THINGS!
  • Cleaned the downstairs bathroom (and it was disgusting!)
  • Mopped the tile in the family room
  • Mopped the bathroom
  • Ran upstairs and went pee
  • Grabbed my jacket and headed out the door to volleyball

Forty five minutes! Bam!

Or should that be BAMF!

So now Michelle and I are hanging out together getting invitations done. Mark’s hanging out in the TV room watching his stories. And D is downstairs. In the basement. By himself.

It’s nice down there. And it’s comfortable. But I can’t imagine that it will feel like home to him. I hope this will all turn out alright.


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