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It Takes A Lot

A lot of work. So much work!

My dad was completely grey by the time he was 30 and has very fine hair. My mom was just getting salt and pepper-ish in her late 40s and has very thick hair. I was blessed with Mom’s thick, thick hair. I was cursed with Dad’s premature greying. Of course, I’m in my 50s now, so it would be normal for me to be dealing with the changing hair color. So why am I getting ready to whine? Because I’ve been dealing with grey hair since I was in my mid-20s!!

And it isn’t pretty!

Well, it might be pretty. It just depends on your perspective.

I’ve used the same brand and color for years. Well, recently I haven’t been able to find the type that I used so I have had to find something that I like as well. I found one that I liked, but it was a little darker than I normally use and it wasn’t a color and highlight combo like I really like. So I now have to buy two boxes to get my base color and highlight all done.

With long hair, the hardest part was pulling hair through the sexy little cap. And when I say sexy, I mean Sex-AY!


20140314_204606 20140314_205911

So pretty. Kind of like Cousin Itt. It took me about an hour just to get the hair pulled through.

The directions say to spread the color on with the little spatula type thing. I'm too lay to be bothered with that. I just slap it on with my hand. Much quicker.
The directions say to spread the color on with the little spatula type thing. I’m too lay to be bothered with that. I just slap it on with my hand. Much quicker.

It does not get better than this:



Here’s where it went a little wonky. The directions said to leave it on for a minimum of 25 minutes and then check it. The directions also said that for darker, thicker hair it would need to process a little bit longer. Well, this holds true when I do my normal hair color. I have to let it process about 40 minutes to really saturate the thickness of my hair. So I believed the directions. I went and checked on it at 20 minutes and it was bright. BRIGHT! I didn’t panic. I went and rinsed it. And then I panicked!

So I whipped it up into a clippy, went to the store and got another box of my base color. And started over. I figured I’d just leave the base color in for about 15 minutes and it would tone down the blonde highlights.


OK…I know this isn’t drastically blonde. But the highlights are much brighter than I like.


Hair color over the highlighted areas.

20140314_230002AND…we’re back to my normal color with SUBTLE highlights, not IN YOUR FACE highlights. The things I don’t go through for vanity’s sake!

I’ll tell you what! It takes a lot of time to keep those pesky greys at bay!





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