colorvibeI registered for a Color Vibe race a few months ago. I’ve always heard how much fun they are so I didn’t even think twice about it.

Well, then I saw a bunch of my friends signing up for a Glow run, which is the week after my color run. I commented on their FB post. They begged me to join them. They’re all walking it, and with my foot issues, I thought that I could totally walk 3.1 miles with them. So I registered. Two weeks back to back for “fun” races.

I see post after post on my Facebook from Color Vibe so I posted it to my friends’ walls to see if they wanted to join me for it. Nope. They couldn’t. I just shrugged and went on about my business.

Then I got an email from Color Vibe. Last minute registration. Lots of hype to get participants excited about the race. And, contrary to what the email was designed to do, I got sad. This race that is designed for camaradarie that I’m doing on my own. Took the wind went right out of my sails.

I think of the whole running thing as an individual thing, because for me it is. I can’t run with someone else because my pace is so much slower than normal people, plus I can’t talk while running. It messes with my breathing. So I’m a solo runner. I always have been. So why is it that I’m so bummed to be doing this FUN color run alone? It’ll be fun, right?