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Years ago I bought an alarm clock. My old one had died. As I was looking around I noticed a large variety of clocks that automatically adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. Naturally, I chose that option. No more having to remember how to change the time on the clock.

And then the government (in all its wisdom) decided that the normal “first weekend of April/last weekend of October” routine was boring and thought they’d change it up a bit.

They did not inform my alarm clock!

Come Sunday evening as I was setting my alarm for work, Mark noticed that the time on my clock was still on the old time. I could have sworn that I bought the clock within the time frame of the new time change hours so theoretically, it should have changed on its own. But it didn’t. I messed around with it for about 15 minutes trying to figure out how to change the time and finally just set my alarm for an hour earlier to compensate for the change in time.

This worked well.

Until today.

I even double checked that the clock was still off by an hour before I went to bed last night.

This morning my alarm went off. I hit the snooze. I was just TIRED. Finally dragged my ass out of bed and got in the shower. Got my makeup on. Headed down the hall to the kitchen to get a drink of water. And it is really dark outside. Darker than it normally is at 6:30am. So I checked the clock in the kitchen.

Turns out that sometime overnight my clock changed to the new daylight savings time. BOO. I could still be in bed, but here I am telling you a stupid story at a stupid time of day!

So much for modern technology!


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