Wade In The Water

My sister and I have a unique relationship. For many years we didn’t get along very well. There are a lot of reasons for this, none of which I will get into here because they are in the past, and there is certainly no sense in rehashing something that has been resolved. Now, UNRESOLVED issues, I have no trouble discussing. But if I’ve resolved it, it stays in the past where it belongs.

There is a major difference between us. Especially when we were kids. As adults, she is getting much better about this difference and is coming more to my side of life….the dark side.  (insert evil laugh whilst rubbing hands together) MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This difference? She’s a dreamer, I’m a doer. She has a great gift for dreaming of awesome adventures. I have a great gift for diving in head first without paying attention to what lies beneath. My ex husband used to say, “I make a comment about ‘oh, this would be fun’ and the next thing I know, you’ve got it planned.” Well, DUH! I assume that if someone says that something would be fun it’s because they WANT TO DO IT!

My sister used to be like that. ::dreamy sigh:: “Wouldn’t x, y, z be fun?” ::dreamy sigh::

And then I’m all “HELLZ YAH!” ::packs bag/heads out the door::

We could not have been at more extreme ends of the scale in this area. Well, then she lost 300+ plus pounds of ugly fat (read: her ex-husband) and everything changed! She suddenly started planning adventures instead of dreaming about adventures.

And the angels sang, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

When I posted on FB nearly a year ago that I was planning a cruise she texted me that she wanted to go and that she was going to check her finances. As you’ve seen in previous posts, she did go and we had a marvelous time! She stayed a few days after our cruise was over and went through the Everglades and other attractions in Southern Florida and headed back north to the ice and snow. BOO.

As we were talking on the phone on her way back she said, “I got you something. I saw it and couldn’t resist.”


I. Love. It!! For multiple reasons. I’m obsessed with Herons. We have one that lives in the lake at our place off the grid. My last name is Herron.

Oh, yeh…and I tend to wade right into life. (or jump….whatever)

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