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New Journey

I-have-high-cholesterolI got a text from my bff yesterday. A very frustrated, irritated text. She’s always had major cholesterol issues, but over the past couple of years they have gotten worse. Her doctor basically told her that she’s a heart attack waiting to happen.

This falls in the NO BUENO category for me! I didn’t watch her kick two breast cancers in the ass to see her die of a heart attack! That just wouldn’t work for me. Because obviously, her health issues are all about me. :/

She asked me for help with her diet because the thing she has the most trouble with is figuring out what to make for dinner every night. Since I already create a menu every week, I told her that I’d send her a menu each week. I’ll have to adjust hers because I eat red meat a couple times a week and she can’t have any beef. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Just shoot me now!! (said the meat and potatoes gal)

I’ve started a Healthy Meal Plans board on Pintrest so that she has a go-to place to look for ideas. I’ve only got a few breakfast and dinner items on there at the moment. It’ll be a work in progress. The healthy eating thing…it’s a new world for her. And it will be a hard road! Anything that I can do to make her life a little easier, I will do! I sent her the first meal plan, along with a tab for recipes.

Where do you go for meal ideas? Do you have favorite websites full of good, healthy living posts? Do you have a go-to location for awesome recipes? If I’m meal planning for two, I want to have help from many.


2 thoughts on “New Journey”

  1. Runner’s World Cookbook and Oh She Glows Cookbook are two of my favourites right now! Oh She Glows is vegan, but I’ll use non-vegan things (ie. regular mayo instead of veganese) and I’ll even add cheese/meat if i want to, but it’s a great base for healthy recipes and is super yummy!

    1. Perfect! I will send her links to those. I was pretty much waiting for you to respond because I know you really get into this stuff. 😀 I should have just mentioned you by name and said, “Hey, Ange!!!” 🙂

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