A new month. A new workout program. Every month I kind of change it up. This month was no different. I got it all worked out and Mark agreed that he would workout with me. That’s super exciting because he thinks all his exercise should be in the form of volleyball. He doesn’t believe in cardio or strength training or any other such nonsense. So when he said he’d do my monthly challenge with me I was ecstatic!


After our first day he was asking if we had to do this every day. I’ll admit, it pretty much kicked both of our asses. I assured him that it was a totally do-able schedule – three days on/one day off. Lather, rinse, repeat. His concern was that more often than not, it fell on volleyball days. He has a Wednesday and Thursday schedule. I have a Wednesday schedule (soon to be Tuesdays, as well). He asked if I could rearrange the schedule so that it didn’t conflict with volleyball. So I did. This is how I rearranged it:



This means FIVE DAYS IN A ROW of grueling activity.

And I HATE IT!! It’s way too overwhelming for me!!

After Day 2 yesterday, I told him that there was no way that I could do a five day on/two day off routine. With my run schedule, it just feels overwhelming. So I’ll be readjusting again and get back to a three on/one off schedule and he’ll just have to take those two days off on his own. Since I don’t really expect him to finish out the month with me, I need to make sure that it is do-able for me. If it isn’t, I will burn out. And I don’t want to burn out. I want to be FIT!!

So…the plan is FUN!

You read that right. F-U-N!

But it’s a lot to do. If you do the math, which I admit I kinda suck at, it’s 84 reps of each exercise every day.

So here’s what you do (just in case you can’t read the small print on the picture):

  • Shuffle the cards and place them where it’s easy for you to “deal” during your workout.
  • Turn over the first card and do the quantity of reps that correspond to the number on the card and the type of exercise that corresponds to the suit. For example, if on day two, Spades equal Reptiles and the card you turn over is a King of Spades, you would do 10 Reptiles.
  • After the first  card has been turned over and that exercise completed, turn over the next card.
  • Continue on through the full deck of cards. Aces and Jokers are rest cards. Ten second rest and water break if you need.

Here are some things I learned. Because I’m a quick study and it didn’t take long to figure this out:

  • Shuffle the cards better!!!! Day 1 and I had five spades together! That meant that I flipped over a King, then a 9, then a Jack, then a 10, then a 3!! Mountain climbers. 41 mountain climbers. In a row. Many, many curse words.
  • Think about form. During the mountain climbers, I started on the same foot every time. This meant that I was using the same leg to go back to a standing position. This means that I had a thousand one legged squats (for all intents and purposes).
  • OK…not a thousand. More like 84. Four face cards at 10 points a piece. Plus a 10 card. Plus a 9 and 8 and 7 and so on and so forth card. Equalling 84 reps per suit. I did NOT do the math before I set up this program. I didn’t stop to think how many pushups that was going to mean. So I learned that I should have thought of the big picture before writing up the plan and maybe used exercises that weren’t so intensive. BUT…no pain no gain, right?
  • I learned (or remembered) that leg lifts REALLY hurt my back! Even if I cheat and put my hands underneath. So I am switching out my leg lifts for a different type of ab exercise.

Most importantly, I learned that this is a really awesome way for me to workout. It gives me enough variety so as not to get bored. It’s challenging, for sure! But it’s do-able!

I’ll be rearranging my plan to go back to a three days on/one day off schedule because the way it is now is far too overwhelming! And I don’t like feeling overwhelmed!!

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