20140126_135238At the lake.

In my earbud I hear: music, music, music – ACTIVITY PAUSED – music – ACTIVITY RESUMED – music, music, music – ACTIVITY PAUSED – (lather, rinse, repeat)

The reality is this:


On a walk.

Around a lake.

Where there are critters.

It goes something like this: trot, trot, trot – DUCK – sniff, sniff, trot, trot – LAKE!! MUST DRINK LAKE WATER NOW – lap, lap, lap, lap, trot, trot, trot – DUCK – trot, trot, trot – GOOSE – run, run, trot – BENCH – sniff, sniff, sniff, trot, trot, trot – TREE – sniffsniffsniffsnfiffsniff, pant, pant, pant, trot, trot, trot – GOOSE POOH – yum, my favorite, chomp, chomp, trot, trot, trot – DEAD FISH – chom…..OWWWW, DON’T YANK MY CHAIN – trot, trot, trot, sniff, sniff, sniff, turn, turn, turn – D-U-U-U-U-MP!!

Clean up, aisle three!