Marching Along

My February workout challenge was a complete bust. I mean… COMPLETE! No excuses. Other than I’m lazy and I’ve been battling this off again/on again sinus crap. Sinus crap makes it REALLY easy for me to justify not doing a workout.


In six weeks I have my Go! St. Louis 5K. Two weeks after that I have my first ever Color Run here in my own town. I’m not concerned about the ability to finish each race because I can run 2.5 miles right now without any trouble. So I’m not concerned that I can’t finish the race. But I would like to be able to beat my last 5k race time. Not to mention the fact that I really need to get serious again. I’ve become too comfortable in my fluffiness. I have two weddings this summer and would like to not feel “fluffy” while I watch my daughters get married. On top of that, we’re coming upon swim suit season.

No matter how many times I say that because I’m healthy on the inside that I’m going to be OK with what’s on the outside, I am just having a struggle being OK with the way I look. I don’t look like me when I look in the mirror. And I want ME back.

So….I sat down the other day to come up with my March Workout Challenge. One of my friends mentioned using a deck of cards on occasion when she wants something a little different in her workout and I thought it was a fabulous idea. Mark is going to do the challenge with me on non-volleyball days so I’m pretty stoked about that.

Wanna take a look?



I think it’ll be fun. I have heard that it’s pretty tough getting through the whole deck, depending on what is assigned for the different suits. I think I’ve got it lined out to where it’ll be challenging, but not unachievable. Wish me luck! If you want to join in, give me a holler and we’ll keep tabs on each other!

March is going to be a good month. I can feel it!

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