Get This Party Started

There is something wrong with setting an alarm clock for anything before 4am. Seriously wrong!

The day before we left for our vacation pretty much all of the middle US was under severe winter storm warnings. It started sleeting about the time we left work on Friday and didn’t show signs of letting up. Mark and I debated heading to Kansas City that night so that we didn’t have too far to go in the morning for our flight. I looked at the weather reports for central Missouri and the KC area and it looked like KC was getting hit harder than we were and that it should be letting up earlier in the morning. So we decided to just wait and leave in the morning like we had planned, only an hour earlier.

When my alarm went off I hopped right out of bed. Not like I had been sleeping very well, as is usual before a big event. Turns out, my clock was WAY off what the time actually was so we didn’t get out of the house until 45 minutes later than I wanted. I was stressed!! And the weather was BAD! It was freezing rain and the roads were ice covered. It was treacherous going between Jefferson City and Columbia. We thought that once we hit I-70 that the roads would be better because it had more traffic, which (in our minds) would help to keep the roads clearer.

Turns out that I-70 was also in pretty rough shape. Slow going. Slippery. Stupid truckers. I mean STUPID truckers! We crossed the Missouri River bridge between Columbia and Boonville and it’s a very narrow bridge. A huge 18 wheeler came FLYING past us On. The. Bridge!!!! Unbelievable! The semi-trucks throughout the rest of our journey were driving at reasonable speeds. But that one at the beginning of our trip nearly had us rescheduling our flight and turning around to go home. But we pressed on. We were both desperate to get to some warm weather. We managed to get to the airport without any other freakouts. Not only that, but we got there in plenty of time. I’m going to give all the credit to my ridiculous anal planning skills.

We really relaxed once we got through security and settled in at our gate. And then we were off. Uneventful flight. We left this:


Landed through this:


And then FINALLY got to this:


And life was good.

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