How’s That Again

I love meeting new people. My sister’s friend and co-worker went on vacation with us and shared a room with her. She was a barrel of laughs. Super duper smart. She’s a nurse practitioner and really knows her stuff. Book smarts galore.

Common sense? Welllllllll, maybe she’s a bit on the ditzy side. And she has no filter whatsoever. This combination of no filter and ditz just made me very happy all week. She’s one of those people that just has weird shit happen to them all the time.

Now, I already know that just posting B-isms is not going to be nearly as funny for you as it is for me, but I giggle in my head (and sometimes out loud) when I think about some of the conversations we had during our week+ vacation.

  • After a few different blunders in communication, she blurted out with exasperation, “I can’t help it, I’m a left handed blonde!”
  • When we were in Cozumel Mark was really hoping for a sand volleyball game. We talked a lot about him looking forward to it. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough people interested in playing so he didn’t get his sand ball game in during that excursion. We had an unexpected day at sea so there was going to be a volleyball tournament. Clearly happy for Mark, she goes, “Is the volleyball tournament in the sand?” ::blank stares all around::
  • Every night at dinner I eyeballed the Caribbean Coffee that was listed on the dessert menu. On the last night I decided to fork out the money for it. She asked me what kind of drink it was and I told her coffee and two types of rum. She turned to my sister (a practicing Mormon) and said, “That’s like a Mormon’s worst nightmare – booze and coffee!” Rose Ann nearly spit out her water.
  • In our little group of eight we had four nurses – two nurse practitioners and two RNs. One of the RN’s is a guy and his wife was going on about what a great nurse he was and how all his patients always say that he’s the best nurse they’ve ever had. B chimes in with, “L, I’d let you nurse me any day!” The whole table erupted in laughter. Calmly and collectedly, B followed up with, “That sounded much different in my head.” It was LONG moments before any of us regained our composure enough to even speak. And poor L, he was beet red and looked like he was looking for a place to hide.

My sister kept copious notes during the whole week. She wrote down everything that made her laugh, along with keeping a journal each day during the cruise. Many fun things to look back no. I’m fairly certain that I want to take B on every vacation with me just for the sheer entertainment value.

In case I haven’t already mentioned it, we had a GREAT time on our vacation!

Just because - nothing to do with this post - Deal with it!

Just because – nothing to do with this post – Deal with it!

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