Hairrowing Experiences

It’s been since the beginning of August since I’ve had a haircut. That is a long time for me to go without it. Since I have vacation coming up I figured I was due. I also figured I’d begin the pampering a little early and have her highlight my hair. I normally do my own color and highlights, but I’m in tune enough to know that my home-done highlights are not perfect. Still…it’s good enough for me. But I wanted a real highlight. So I set up my appointment.

My girl (who happens to be the daughter of one of my good friends) got the foils all done up and put me under the heat for them to process. She came and checked on them every now and again and would say, “Looking good.” After awhile I began to think that it had been longer than normal. Of course, I don’t get highlights very often so what do I know. Not only that, but my hair is super thick so when I do my own color I have to leave it on for 45 minutes in order to get good coverage. So I really didn’t think much about how long it was processing.

Finally we headed back to rinse. And then. Oh  my god, THEN! We went to her station so she could trim up my hair. And I looked like a fucking zebra. I have very dark hair to begin with. And the highlights were BLONDE! I mean, platinum, stark white blonde. It was such a drastic difference from my hair color and all I could was stare. My mind was going a bajillion miles a minute. Let’s see…does it get darker or lighter as it dries? I’m heading on my cruise so will I look normal for someone out in the sun? Oh no, the sun! Is it going to make the color look even brighter? Sheesh, daughter of my good friend. How do I say Please redo it? So many things going through my mind as I stared into the mirror watching her cute my hair.

After what seemed like an eternity, she said, “Do you want me to tone that color down?” “YES, please!” Then we both burst out laughing. She said that it didn’t look that bright each time she checked it and couldn’t figure out why it was taking so long for the color to take. I told her that my hair notoriously takes forever to take to the color so it didn’t seem too far out of the ordinary. She finished trimming my hair and then put on an all over color to tone it down. About that time her mom walked in, so we had a great conversation while I spent an extra half hour toning down the stark blonde.



I wish I had taken a picture before she put the toner on it because you really don’t get the full impact of the zebra effect.

After visiting with her mother and deciding on who we would have on our volleyball team next season, we rinsed the color and she dried and straightened it.


And then I slept on it. And I didn’t shower. And I went to work with this. And it’s perfect. And I love it. And I wish I had a straightener that would do this good a job on my hair.



And now I’m ready for vacation.

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