Pack Rats Unite

Oh, Lord, it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way.


Sorry ’bout that!

So….today is my packing day. It’s where I have to get the majority of my packing done so that I just have to worry about the odds and ends. When I have a crack of dawn flight, I always make sure that I have everything packed and loaded into the car for my trip the night before.

Over the past month I have been putting things into the guest room that I’ll need for the trip but that I won’t need in my normal, everyday life. Now the tricky part. Getting everything into a suitcase. But not just getting it in there, but getting it in under 50 pounds.

I’m am the queen packer bee. I can fit a large amount of stuff into a small space. You should see me pack the trunk of the car for a long road trip. I’m the master! Same goes with luggage. The problem is that most airlines have a 50 pound weight limit, but suit case manufacturers still make luggage that will fit far more than 50 pounds. Well, far more the way that I pack.

My hope was to not have to take a carry on except for my camera bag.

So…. square peg, round hole. Let’s do this!

20140126_103354 20140126_103513


Do NOT tell me to leave behind a pair of shoes! Why does everyone think that shoes are the logical thing to leave home? I mean…my strappy heels do not go with my black skirt. My black heels with the ring in the toe do not go with my stripey dress. Bitch, please! Momma needs her shoes!!!

Now, I’ve heard that if you roll things it’s more efficient. I just don’t know how that works. I’ve never done it before.

While I was figuring out the logistics, Mark was in the room (this is my guest room) trying on shorts to see what fit and what didn’t. We had a conversation, as people do.

Me: I’ve always heard that rolling outfits is more efficient and I just don’t buy it. But there are people out there smarter than me.

Him: There might be a person in this room smarter than you.

Me: There might be a person in this room that’s going to get a fat lip.

Him: ::barney rubble giggle as he leaves the room::

Yup. That’s pretty much how most of our conversations go.



Well, what do you know!? Rolling is efficient. Who know? Oh right. Lots of people.


Empty bed/Full suitcase.

And now, for the scale.

51.8 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now I have to take a carry on.

I suppose that’s fine. I’ll pull out a couple outfits from the suitcase and put it in my carry on and life will go on.

And now I get to do this all over again with Mark’s luggage. Fun times!

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