Check’s In The Mail

You know what feels good?

Checking things of your To Do list.

caribbeanWhenever I’m getting ready to go on vacation I create wild, crazy lists. God forbid I forget something! I have a standard packing list that I use for everything so that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time I go somewhere. I simply adjust the day to day activities.

For instance, I’m going on a cruise next month and I have all my shore excursions booked so I’ve adjusted my packing list for the port I will be in along with the activity I’m doing on that day. This way I know exactly what I need. Ziplining? I’m going to need close toed shoes and long pants. Paddleboarding? I’m going to need a swim suit and water shoes. Exploring a Mayan ruin? I’ll need some walking shorts, sturdy shoes and a brimmed hat. Day at sea? Dude. Swim suit and sarong all damned day!

So I have my packing list lined out by day and broken into daytime wear, even wear, and “around the ship” wear. Then I have my miscellaneous section for things that I need to make sure and take like camera equipment, sunscreen, toiletries, etc. It’s a pretty detailed packing list.

One year (I think it was Matt’s cruise) my brother decided he was going to stump me. We were sitting in the lounge after dinner and I had my fanny pack with me. YES. I’m that person with a fanny pack. He goes, “Man, I have a chip in my nail. I need some clippers.” I pulled out my fingernail clippers. He goes, “No, it’s my TOEnail. I need some TOEnail clippers.” So I pulled out my toenail clippers. Hrmph! “Fingernail file?” Got it! Then the light went on in his eyes. I had very short hair at the time. He was completely bald. “I need a ponytail holder. I mean, like, really really need a ponytail holder.” Then he sat back, folded his arms across his chest and began to gloat. I knew I was had, but I went through the motion of pretending to look for a ponytail holder. Well, as luck would have it, I had the fanny pack that had been used on vacation with my youngest daughter and there, attached to a clip hook on the side of the bag, was a ponytail holder. I put on my best pouty face, like I had totally failed at my brother’s challenge, and he BEAMED, ready to claim his victory. Then I held up the ponytail holder for him to take. Crestfallen, he was!

I have scaled back on my packing since then, but I still take things I’m fairly certain that I won’t need, but oh my god, what if…..

Along with this insane packing list, I also make a daily list for the week or two before the trip. This is what I’ve been working on today.

  • Clean house so I don’t come home to a disaster – check
  • Touch up my roots – check (or at least, in the process)
  • Cut and color Mark’s hair – check (he just got out of the shower)
  • Print off boarding passes and luggage tags for ship
  • Print off boarding passes for flight – can’t do this until 24 hours pre-flight, which is WAY too far away
  • Print of confirmations for the hotel – check
  • Pedicure – tonight
  • Manicure – tomorrow
  • Cut and highlight – Tuesday
  • Pack everything except what I’ll use between now and then – In progress
  • Take Jake over to Michelle’s so he can hang out with her at her house so he doesn’t freak out when I take him over there and leave her – tomorrow maybe
  • Test my underwater camera case for my big girl camera – I’ll do that before I get in the hot tub tonight
  • Charge camera batteries – tomorrow probably, or sometime next week
  • Go to the store for various and sundry odds and ends – sunscreen mostly – sometime within the next week

I am so ready to be warm. February cannot get here soon enough.

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