The Dog Ate My Homework

IMG_7095I eat carbs. I have always eaten carbs. I will always eat carbs. And truly, if I hear one more person go, “Ew, you eat carbs? You shouldn’t eat carbs! Carbs are bad for you.” Bitch, please!

Carbs are a necessary part of keeping our bodies healthy. I suppose if all you do is sit on your ass all day long, then carbs aren’t so important, and could possibly cause you to balloon up. But for a normal person (and yes, I just lumped myself into the “normal” category…weird) carbs are essential.

My local orthopedic group posts this page on their website. It’s a simple, easy to understand explanation of what carbs and proteins do for the body. It’s specifically geared towards people who workout or play sports, but it’s valid information for everyone else. In a nutshell, complex carbs give you energy for playing (whole grains). Proteins are for rebuilding fatigued muscles. If you have no carbs in your system your body uses protein for energy, which depletes the protein needed for muscle repair and recovery.

So. The next time you want to preach to me about how I shouldn’t be eating carbs, don’t spout the faddish rhetoric. Do your homework. Then we can talk.

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