Spoiled Girl Dilemma

I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be you’ve never heard/thought/felt that before.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I can take on vacation. I don’t fit in any of the dresses I’ve taken on previous cruises. I thought I would. Therein lies the frustration. The one I really, really wanted to take I couldn’t even zip up. I have another one that was my second choice so I tried it on.

20140114_165836Does anyone else see a problem here?? Just me? Well, I can’t just have boobs flying out everywhere. (warning: this isn’t the only boob shot you’ll see in this post)

This dress fit still.


As did this one.


And this one, although I need a different bra with it.


But that was it. What’s a girl to do?



So I got me a new tankini and it has the MOST comfortable boy short bottoms I’ve ever worn. It doesn’t look like much and I don’t care. It is comfortable!


See. Comfort. It sufficiently hides my cottage cheese hips.

But best of all, I got this.

IMG_8784I think it will even work for Michelle’s wedding in June. Well, unless I feel like buying another dress in a few months.

Oh wait. Hahahahahaha. Yeh. I’ll be buying another dress.

And, because I needed a different bra to wear with one of my dresses, I got this..


I warned you.

So…barring any unforeseen circumstances, this spoiled girl is ready for vacation!!! Now I just have to wait for what seems like FOREVER! Wahhhh.



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