Best Laid Plans

I’m not a big “New Year’s Resolution” person. I’ll admit to kind of mocking people who make them. I’ve spent too much time in the gym with high level of frustration during January when all the “Resolution” people were hogging MY machines. I was always so glad to see February roll around when all the “Resolution” people inevitably stopped coming to the gym. Do you sense cynicism? Well, I would hope so because I ooze it!

Yesterday on the way home from work Mark and I had to stop by the grocery store. We passed the local YMCA and noticed the parking lot was crowded. He goes, “This year, baby! This year all those people are going to get into shape, damn it!” Silence for a moment. Then we both burst out laughing. We both possess the same cynical gene.

All that is to explain that this is NOT a New Year’s Resolution post. I don’t want a discussion of a workout program in January to be misconstrued as a “this is my New Year’s Resolution” post.

As you know (or maybe you don’t), in April it will be two years since I began running. I always cringe a little when I say run, because what I do is kind of laughable. So SLOW. Last June I began doing monthly workout challenges with a group of friends. One of the problems that I have had over the past few months is keeping my challenge schedule and run schedule lined out. If I happen to do two challenges (an arm and an ab, for example) in one month I was struggling to keep track of my reps for each specific workout. So last November I started kind of combining different challenges into one format to make it easier for me to see and manage. It helped quite a bit in November and December. Throw in my 10k training schedule and volleyball and I’m all confused all over again. So I had to rethink how to line out my workouts.

I sat down last night to get January’s and February’s workout plans put together and incorporated my runs and volleyball games into it. I am so happy to have only one paper stuck to the side of my refrigerator! Here they are. All that’s left to do now is just get busy. And mock all the people spending this month in the gym before they fizzle into nothingness come February.





February is my cruise. Getting my workouts done while on is cruise is going to be the true challenge!

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