Creative Marketing

I love getting non-standard confirmations for things that I order. Normally, I get a very boring, “Your order has shipped. Your tracking number is blah blah blah. Thank you for spending your money with us.” You get the drift.

I ordered a couple of bracelets from Road ID (thanks, Ann) and got the confirmation that they shipped today. But instead of the normal, boring information this is what I got:

“I have some fantastic news! No…you didn’t win the lottery, but your Road ID order was shipped today (12/31/2013). Per your request, it was shipped via USPS First Class Mail.

So, you live in Missouri…
We are not only super excited to have you as a customer, we are amped that you’re in the great state of Missouri. Sure, your state is known for the beautiful Gateway Arch, but few people know that you also gave us the glorious confection known as the ice cream cone. You changed the face of ice cream for the entire world, and we thank you.”

Did you hear that? ICE CREAM CONES! Everyone should be thanking us!

You’re welcome, on behalf of everyone from my great state! 

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