Riddle Me This

You know what Mark said to me yesterday? He said that I was looking thin. Whee! He had been looking through his facebook and came across a picture from last summer when some of our friends were out and we were helping them get their house ready to sell. This is the picture he was talking about:


He even included himself in the compliment. He said that he could really tell that we’ve both lost weight. So I was going through some pictures that are more recent because I feel like I still look like that. I don’t really get my picture taken a lot but I found some that show mostly my face. I can see that my face is looking less pudgy, so it stands to reason that the rest of me might be looking a little less pudgy. Maybe it’s time to do one of my gross “sports bra and spandex” shots for my Battle of the Bulge page and see if I can tell any difference. In the mean-time, I threw these three pictures together. They’re within the last year, fairly evenly spaced out.

weight loss

Maybe my cheeks are thinning out a little. I don’t know. I feel like I’m making progress, but I’m having a hard time seeing any progress. I guess that’s a little bit normal for women, eh? Why are we so hard on ourselves? That’s the million dollar question.

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