Go Around Again

A couple of months ago I talked about Mark wanting to go on a cleanse. I made this menu for him (or something similar) and he was pretty good to stick with it. He lost six or seven pounds over the six days that he was eating whole foods.

I have a huge issue with eliminating complete food groups from my diet, so the lack of whole grains in this jump start really bothered me. It left me sluggish and unable to complete a good workout. Since I’ve been running a lot more I really need to make sure that I have those carbs. I went ahead and made up a menu for the six days (the last of which is the day before Thanksgiving…good plan) for Mark. I will pretty much follow it along with him since I’m the one who will be preparing all the meals and snacks, but I will still have my muesli every morning like I always do. I will also probably have rice or quinoa as a side a couple times during the six days. With those couple of adjustments, I can eat this way on a regular basis. In my mind, it isn’t a “jump start” but more of a healthy way to eat, providing there are enough whole grains incorporated.

As Ann and I were discussing this earlier she asked if I got anything out of this jump start besides being so tired. Because, you know, being tired is such a fun state. I did find some benefits. Namely, reminding myself to incorporate fish into my diet more frequently. I love all kinds of fish but don’t take the time to make it because it isn’t one of Mark’s favorites. I will say that over the summer, he has come to like it a little better.

You’ll notice on the menu that a few of the salads are basically just a ton of veggies and a can of tuna. This is great for me. I love tuna. I can open a can, drain it, grab a fork, and just eat it plain…straight from the can. Because I’m civilized that way! Mark, on the other hand, has to choke down ever last bite of the tuna part of the salads. To help him out with that, I’ll most likely change the menu (again) and incorporate fish into one more evening meal and then let him do turkey on his salads instead. I’ll be putting a turkey breast in the crock pot first thing in the morning and that will last us all week. For snacks. For lunches. For meals. Whatever. It might be a little turkey overkill with Thanksgiving being just next week, but it’ll be OK. We both love turkey. Plus, I’m baking a ham (with a yummy cherry glaze) to take along for Thanksgiving, so there will be a little variety.

Hopefully this will help Mark with his weight/fitness goals.  Because seriously, how can you not help but want to do anything for that face!  😉


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