Good News Bad News

Getting up at 4 this morning to swig more doses of prep for my colonoscopy was a ton of fun. I mean, really. Who doesn’t want to wake up before rational people are up to drink things that will make you shit through a sieve?

The cats were a little surprised to see me up at that hour and commenced snuggling right in while I waited for the final doses to do their thing.

When we got to the outpatient center, we were delayed by about an hour because someone having a colonoscopy first thing this morning had a bit of a rough time with the anesthesia. I know these things because I’m a horrible eavesdropper. There were about four other people who came in after me who were also having the same procedure. There was a four year old in for a tonsilectomy. There was an older woman in for some lump removal. The four year old was making too much noise for me to catch where the lump was. The anesthesiologist made the rounds introducing himself to everyone on the floor and told the exact same story each time. Mark and I would just roll our eyes at each other.

When the doctor came in to introduce himself he was asking questions from my chart. He then said, “It’ll be about half hour and then we’ll see you in the back.” I said, “In the back. ::giggle::” He laughed right out loud and said, “Literally, I guess.” Nothing like breaking the ice a little. I mean, hell, you may as well get the person laughing who’s going to shove a camera up your ass.

The procedure itself took about 20 minutes. The wait time before that was nearly two hours because of the delay from the first patient of the day. The doc found and removed one polyp from my colon and they’ve sent it in for biopsy. I should hear back in seven to ten days. I guess I should be concerned that they found something, but I’m not. I feel pretty calm and am certain it’s nothing.

So, I’m not the valedictorian of colonoscopies, but I’m glad it’s over. Now, we get life back to normal!

3 thoughts on “Good News Bad News

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  2. ‘I know these things because I’m a horrible eavesdropper.’ Proof positive that we are kindred spirits!

    Very glad to hear that you’re taking care of yourself ‘in the back’ and looking forward to hearing that the results are clear. xoxo

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