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I Got Better

I did this today:


And I did it better than I did it last year. Last year’s 5k was a 42 minute race. This year’s race was a 38 minute race. And this year I walked the first 2/10’s of a mile with Mark and Michelle to warm up. Well, and because I didn’t want to run up the long-ass hill at the beginning of the course.

Something I learned: I start off too fast and need to pace better. When I looked at my splits, my first mile was a 12:10 minute mile, and that included my walk time with Mark and Michelle. My second mile was 12:28. My third mile was 13:02. Average speed was 12:33 minutes per mile, which is about what my average pace was for the 10k that I did last month. So overall, I feel pretty good about it. I am pleased that my overall time was quicker than my time last year. It means that, if nothing else, I’m at least improving.


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