I Did It!!

I’m not even sure where to start with this. It was a great day! Well, great for me. I accomplished something that I didn’t think I could do. My very first 10K. I started running about a year and a half ago and it has been a major struggle for me. I don’t know that I’ve taken on anything as difficult. Difficult in the sense that it’s completely voluntary. Not difficult in the sense of medical necessity or anything that I have no control over.

When Ann said that her and the fiance were going to run the Go St. Louis half marathon I thought I may as well attempt the 10K that was running in conjunction. I had plenty of time to train for it. A couple things I didn’t take into consideration were the heat of the summer, and being gone for awhile with my grandbaby. I didn’t finish my 10K trainer app. I think I was two weeks shy of completing it. But here I am…a 10K finisher! Crazy, eh?

Here’s the course:


The red X in front of the Arch was the first time I stopped to walk for a minute. Or, more accurately, to take pictures. Then I stopped long enough at the 4 mile marker to grab a quick gulp of gatorade and a quick gulp of water.  Then right before mile 5 I walked between the two red Xs because it was UP a fucking hill!! Other than that…I RAN THE WHOLE WAY!!!! I was so proud of myself because up until this race I hadn’t run more than 2.5 miles without stopping. I’m paying a price now, and I hate to think about what tomorrow holds because it’s normally the day or two after where you get sore, sore, sore!

Anywho…a few pics from the route (because I’m multitalented and can run and shoot at the same time).

20131013_071403 20131013_071433 20131013_071542-1 20131013_072656

Obviously the starting line. Under normal circumstances I’d have felt guilty snapping a picture during the National Anthem (or the United States Theme Song as one of my daughter’s calls it), but the audio was sooooo horrible and kept cutting out the song. It rather sucked, but shit happens.


I got such a kick out of the guy in the above picture. I saw a lot of capes (see below), but this was the only full blown Superman costume out of 6,000 people. I burst out laughing and grabbed for my phone as quickly as possible. I can’t imagine that running in any of these get-ups is comfortable. To each his (or her) own, I guess.

20131013_074341 20131013_081741

This is at the first red X on the map above. Just past the 3 mile marker. I love the Arch! There’s no mistaking the St. Louis skyline.


As we started running down this stretch of road I had two thoughts: 1) Why on earth are we running in the opposite direction of the finish line; and 2) Why are we running towards a scary looking abandoned building?


This was the YUCKY uphill portion of the road. And naturally they plan it towards the end of the race when I’m practically dying. Another lady (perhaps a little older than me) commented to me on the logic of it. We chatted all the way the hill and when we got to the top and turned the corner to head back into the city she goes, “Well, I guess we’d better start running again.” It was a nice little break. Get a second wind to push through the last mile.


There were a LOT of people walking by this point of the race. Thank god, because it made it possible for me to not finish last! I basically shot this because it was a straight on shot to the Arch.


So…see those lights down there? Well, I could hear the announcers naming people who had crossed the finish line. So I know we were close. It’s amazing how refreshing it is…kind of like a second wind when you know you’re close to the end. I get close to the corner and I hear Ann and GCB’s names listed. I began clapping and whooping. I heard them call out the names of the first two half marathon participants that had crossed the line. YES…I ran a 10K slower than some people ran their half marathon!


Well, about the time I heard Ann’s and GCB’s names called, I saw that I was not approaching the finish line, but instead was directed around another corner. UP a small hill, then around another corner and THEN down towards the finish line. I may or may not have cursed when I realized there was still some running to be done!


This guy was, um, interesting. Doesn’t that look like an uncomfortable outfit to run in?


On our way back to Ann’s place we had to stop and get a picture by the six mile marker.


Ann and her awesome fiance!


AND…..My medal! Wheeee.

I love stats!!! So...here are my stats!

I love stats!!! So…here are my stats!

It was a great day! I’m going to look into the Spring races that St. Louis hosts to see what’s there and perhaps try this crazy stunt again.

While we’re talking about running, I have to give a shout out to the Cowgirl! She ran her very first ever marathon today and totally rocked it! A HUGE congrats to her for accomplishing such an amazing feat!

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