How many of you have tried Acupuncture? I ask because I want to know what level of crazy it takes to do so. I mean, I enjoy being poked by a needle as much as the next guy! Let’s be real, it’s quite a fun thing to have happen.

Oh wait a minute. I’m lying! I don’t enjoy needles! I don’t understand why someone would willingly get Acupuncture. I’ve been punctured enough in my lifetime, thank you very much.

BUT. I don’t really want to talk about Acupuncture. I just want to whine a little bit. I had a doctor’s appointment to start the process of figuring out why my thyroid levels are high. Why did I think I was going to walk in there and he was going to go, “Oh, you’ve got high thyroid levels. Take this pill and all will be well. You’ll be thin and svelte in no time.” Come to find out, it didn’t work that way at all! The levels in a basic blood test is just a guideline. There are more specific tests to really figure out what’s going on. So they had to draw more blood.

I thought I’d head down to the lab where I got my original blood drawn, but no. They were set up in the doc’s office to draw blood. At least that’s what they said. My arms will beg to differ! I walked out of the doc’s office like this:


Yah. That was fun. The poor nurse couldn’t find a vein. I have never had anyone have trouble finding a vein. She stuck me a few times using different sized needles each time trying to find out that would work. Um. I’m thinking that the size of the needle was not the problem.

She finally gave up and said she was going to have someone else come in and try. So the someone else came in and started on my un-poked arm. On the fourth try over all (three for the first girl, one for the second) the blood began to flow. Now, don’t get me wrong and think that just because I only have one hole in my left arm (versus three in my right) that the second nurse got blood on the first try. Oh, no! That would have been way too easy. She got the needle in the vein, then pushed it in a little further, then pulled it out a little, then turned it a little to the side. Up, down, all around. Then finally….blood! All the while, she’s apologizing to me. I know that I’ve mentioned before that I have a high pain tolerance. This would probably be a good time to mention it again. I have a high pain tolerance! Fairly low people tolerance, but a good pain tolerance!

The blood is drawn and now we wait. Wait to find out what the results say so that we know how to proceed and whether or not the thyroid is really the culprit or if there is something else going on. And anyone who knows me, knows that I “wait” really well. Doc says hopefully he’ll have the results by the end of the week. So me and my pincushion arms will wait. And try not to dwell on worst case scenarios.