If It Makes You Happy

You all know how much I love taking pictures. I don’t go anywhere without my camera. A problem comes into play at times when there is something that NEEDS to be photographed, but I happen to be driving. What to do? What to do? Obviously, shooting and driving isn’t a safe thing to do, and I would NEVER….

A few times in the past Michelle has been in the vehicle with me and I’ve had her snap a few pics as we drove down the road.

Well…on our way home from the city today it had been raining and as we continued towards home I could see in the distance the back end of the storm front. I said, “You know that I may need to pull off the road because it’s going to be a great sunset, right?” She chuckled and said she understood.

She reached to the back seat and grabbed my camera and turned it on and snapped a few pics. She held up the screen so I could get a glimpse of what she shot. I have my camera set on full manual so some of the settings were a little off. I explained how to use the scrolly roller to change the shutter speed and aperture levels and had her snap a few more. Kick it up a notch. Dial it down a notch. Change the ISO. Change the white balance. Blah, blah, blah.

As we drove along she adjusted settings as I’d instruct. I’d say, “Check out that cloud formation.” Snap, snap, snap. “Oh, look over there away from the sun.” Snap, snap, snap. “Ooh, look at the blue sky showing behind the clouds.” Snap, snap, snap. I’m really not sure why she would snap three in a row, but every time she’d hold down the button long enough to snap three pictures. She seemed to be quite happy to play with the camera and help me out because god forbid I not add another 100 sunset pictures to my folder.

On the way into the city I had her pull out the camera and snap a couple sunrise pictures, and they were pretty good, also.

Check out my daughter’s work:

Sunrise –

IMG_4654 IMG_4660

Sunset –

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